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Environmental Ethics

Sofal Group is committed to developing environmentally friendly products.

Ecological products

The BIO LORANE range manufactured by Sofal Group is ecological. It respects all skin, even the most sensitive. Raw materials are of plant origin and are selected for their quality and specificity for sensitive skin.

It also meets the criteria of the eco-label lCEA.

100% recyclable bottle

All our bottles of the BIO LORANE range are 100% recyclable, without any contamination for the environment.

Laundry without ammonia

Ammonia is a colorless, very irritating gas with a suffocating and pungent odor. Ammonia has alkaline properties, is very corrosive and can cause irritation or burns.

The BIO LORANE product range offers phosphate-free and ammonia-free detergents.

Phosphate-free detergents

Phosphate extraction for laundry causes pollution of air and water on Earth and especially in mining areas. These regions are now semi-desert, water is scarce, the subsoil and the local population are contaminated.

Phosphate-free detergent respects the environment.

White vinegar degreaser

100% biodegradable and nontoxic, white vinegar, is especially used for homemade recipes of cleanser. Its acidity cleans, disinfects, deodorizes, descales almost all the surfaces of the house.
The BIO LORANE product line offers a biological degreaser in white vinegar and raw materials of plant origin, coming from renewable sources.

VEGANOK is the first and only certification for Ethical Vegan products whose staff is entirely vegan.